Perpetual Beta


By Sue Belcher

The start of school is an exciting time. It is a time of renewal. I typically create a vision for what my year will look like, specifically when I operate as my best self. I create health and wellness goals, practice habits that will increase my efficiency, and design routines and chores for my kids in order to transform our household into a well-oiled machine.

At work, it’s time to develop a mantra, or motto, for the year.  In my experience, mottos are essential to rally a group around a purpose. This year the motto is “perpetual beta,” and the teaching team has fully embraced it. In the first year of operation, The Downtown School is essentially a startup. Our team is rethinking school in countless ways.


  • Distributive leadership - Each faculty member has administrative responsibilities (communications, facilities, technology, admissions) in addition to their teaching role.

  • Curriculum - The Downtown School has Lakeside School’s trademark academic rigor paired with experiential learning. We’ve built community partnerships, are re-envisioning our approach to teaching writing and math, and are weaving core competencies into everything that we do.

  • Communication - Our team exclusively uses Slack, rather than email, for internal communication. To book meetings with anyone outside our teaching team, I use YouCanBookMe, which saves precious time coordinating schedules. We are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, with each being updated/posted to several times per week.

  • Admissions - Interviews take place at KEXP Gathering Space, demonstrating from the first point of connection that we use the city as a lab for learning.

  • Feedback - We weren’t with satisfied the grade and narrative options available in our student information system. In response, Ananya and Lupe, inspired by Seattle Girls’ School’s model, created our own feedback system using Google sheets. In addition to a grade, teachers and advisors comment on students’ strengths, areas for growth, and give feedback on course-specific competencies.

  • Time and Space - Our school day runs from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. and Downtown School students embrace our open-campus policy during lunch. Learning happens everywhere, all of the time.

All this novelty can be challenging, especially for the perfectionists among us. With perpetual beta, our team is operating with a tech company approach. If you wait to release something until it is perfect, it’s already outdated. Perpetual beta allows each of us to try new things, and it creates a sense of safety around risk and failure. The rapid prototyping of ideas required for success in a startup assumes that mistakes will be made, and that people will iterate accordingly. This is a mindset that we want to embody so that we can model it for our students.