Never say "No"

By Benjamin K.

The number one thing that has struck me about The Downtown School is how the teachers use language. They understand that words matter. It might seem self-evident to you or me, but the power of words is often discounted. However, deliberate word choice can do more good than we imagine. Word choice, which may seem like a tiny detail in our high-speed lives, can have a profound effect on people.

The Downtown School has one specific word policy that has surprised and inspired me. No faculty will ever say “No” to a student’s idea to improve the school, unless it specifically puts students in danger. This is such a simple rule, but the effects on the culture of the school are extraordinary. It empowers students to shape the school in order to make it perfect for them. It is an embracing of the fact that there is always room for improvement.

And I have seen the effects first hand.

I have been to nine schools in my academic career and never have I seen a student body more involved in the school than at The Dowtown School. A student brought in an electric piano for people to play. The student government makes up nearly half the student body.  The student-designed merchandise is some of the best I’ve seen. Even the school Instagram is run by students! People understand that the power of change is in their own hands, and this reflects an enormous trust of, and dedication to, the students.

I have the profound feeling that we have the ability to mold the culture and environment to our design. It is such a unique and empowering experience for us to have. This simple policy of never saying “no” has made me realize one important lesson: you should always sweat the small stuff.