Let's Jam!


By the Members of the Music Club

Clubs at The Downtown School have a lot of freedom, short of danger: almost any idea can be up for discussion. The Music Club is a small club (like any other club during this founding year), and consists of five regular members and three people who drop in every now and then. Our goals as a club focus around writing music, though we have other plans, such as recording songs of our own and playing some songs live. Here at The Downtown School, Music Club means a lot to us, from the friendships gained through our routine Community Time practice sessions to the frequent banter about all things music.

Our school community makes our school unique in the sense that each of us can come in with our unique interests and strengths and come together to create an inclusive and engaging environment. From the experience that I’ve had so far, Music Club reflects this by bringing a mishmash of people with different musical tastes together over the love for producing and playing music; and it is truly an amazing experience.

The Music Club has been a great way for us to have fun with people that-- despite the small school size-- we wouldn’t have really talked with, but now we know very well. Music Club has encouraged all of us to try new things; Aidan, for example, picked up bass guitar after a combination of our guitarists (Dan and Jonah) decided to help teach him. All of us have also begun to listen to other genres in Music Club.

Last week, we had the opportunity to perform a song at our school’s first dance, and even though we weren’t able to perform at the most recent dance (thanks to darn mic issues!) the experience of preparing for a performance while on a time crunch allowed us to gain experience and be more prepared for a future event. Just a disclaimer: we were completely ready for the performance.

Writing music is difficult. But when we have the chance to work on a song together, and eventually see the finished product, it is all worth it. We also all have different areas of expertise which means we can all learn from each other.