Introducing Spanish teacher Lupe Fisch!


Hello! My name is Lupe Fisch and I’m so excited to be teaching at The Downtown School next year. Here’s two big reasons why.

From a professional perspective, I relish the challenge of working closely with collaborative colleagues to create a truly interdisciplinary curriculum - one that allows students to delve deeply and meaningfully into everything they learn. As a naturally interdisciplinary person myself (I’ve taught in both STEM and the humanities), I understand that the complexity that comes from looking at a topic through different lenses is extremely satisfying. I love the idea of learning from my fellow teachers and from my students.

The second reason I’m excited is that working with teenagers is a wonderful experience. I believe that adolescence is the best stage in the human lifecycle; it is a time when we have infectious energy, passion for learning, and when we’re discovering and, in many ways, creating who we will be as adults. For this reason, I have always found it to be a profound privilege to work with adolescents. The prospect of creating a cozy learning community with this particular set of young adults is very energizing!