Introducing science teacher Kelsey Van Dalfsen!



Hello! I’m Kelsey Van Dalfsen and I’m excited to share a couple of the reasons why I am really looking forward to teaching science at The Downtown School.

First, I was really attracted by the size and model of The Downtown School. My favorite learning experience was as a college student in a small department, where I had the same professors for multiple classes over my four years. The connections I developed with these teachers solidified my interest in science, but also provided me with lifelong mentors and now friends.

When I started thinking about where I wanted to teach, I knew I had to be somewhere where I’d get to develop these types of relationships with my students – getting to know them as scientific thinkers, and as people, over their high school careers and beyond. When I read about The Downtown School, I knew it would be perfect for this reason. I’m really excited to get to know all of the students in this way as we learn about some of my very favorite things to think about.

I also found the vision for interaction with the Seattle scientific community really appealing. This is because science is really about asking questions and developing ways to answer them. Not only is it critical for us to ask our own questions but also to interact with people who are actively doing this in a real way. I’m excited to use my scientific network to develop collaborations between science classes at The Downtown School and people actively asking and answering meaningful questions in our own neighborhood and city.