Introducing George Heinrichs, our history and social science teacher!


Hello! My name is George Heinrichs and I cannot wait for the school year to start this fall. I will be teaching history and I could not think of a better location in which to teach than a city. History is the study of people and the decisions they make, and these decisions are reflected in how cities are built and in how they change. We will get to use the city as a learning lab, and the students will get to both learn from the city and about Seattle itself. That dynamic is thrilling, and as many ideas as I have, I know the students will be inspired to follow their own passions and ask questions that we cannot begin to imagine. We will be at the center of Seattle and will have the opportunity to contribute to what the city can look like. The opening intensive course of sophomore year is all about asking what it means to live with oneself and with other people.