From Vision to Reality

Orientation selfie.jpg

By Sue Belcher

The Downtown School students explored various Seattle Center landmarks this week as part of student orientation. While embarking on a scavenger hunt, advisory teams received photos of various places in the neighborhood and were tasked with taking a group selfie at each. It was fun to hear the competitive banter among advisors, see the students' curiosity piqued as they explored their new City as Lab campus, and observe friendships emerge among the founding cohort. During the event, I was struck by the fact that these students truly embody the school’s vision.

Change equals growth. Starting high school can be scary, especially if you don’t know any other students. Our forty-five founders hail from thirty-two sending schools, yet these students were quick to engage with each other. Change is a natural and joyful part of life, when we adapt and evolve along with it. It is clear that our students have embraced this!

School doesn’t define you; you define the school. Among the members of our founding class we have athletes, makers, musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers, actors, singers, and programmers. I overheard conversations about new business launch ideas, decorating the meditation room, and coordinating an Ultimate Frisbee team. Our academic program allows and encourages students to pursue their passions outside of school while also inviting them to bring those parts of their identity to school to enrich the learning environment.

Learning is joyful. The founding students dove into the scavenger hunt, embracing it with a spirit of inquiry and a sense of adventure. As they ran from place to place, students were buzzing with ideas in anticipation of working with community partners like the Pacific Science Center, KEXP, and The Vera Project. At what other school can you see a live concert at lunch, learn about history through virtual reality or be a part of the next generation of arts leaders in the Seattle?

I can’t wait for the first day of school!