Welcome, Parents and Guardians!

The Downtown School Parents and Guardians Association (PGA) is made up of current Downtown School parents and guardians. The mission of the PGA is to support the school by building community, facilitating communications, fostering a healthy community identity, and supporting the school’s fundraising efforts.

This page will provide you with important announcements, links, documents, and calendar dates. Please send any announcements or comments to Brian Crawford, Director of Communications.


  • New merchandise order forms are available on Gradelink. Order deadline is March 8, 2019.

  • Our next dance will be Friday, March 1, from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. at The Downtown School. Your student should complete a guest permission form (on Gradelink) and submit no later than February 28.

  • The Holocaust Center for Humanity is offering some powerful opportunities for students to learn and create. Check them out!

  • Please sign up for one of our popular Parent-Guardian potlucks!

  • The TeenTix Press Corps is an excellent opportunity for all of your aspiring writers out there. Check it out!

  • Exciting internship opportunities from KEXP!




206-717-2849 Email

Sue Belcher, Head of School

206-717-2852 Email

Brian Crawford, English, Director of Communications

206-717-2848 Email

Lupe Fisch, Spanish, Director of Technology, Parent-Guardian Liaison

206-717-2858 Email

206-717-2854 Email

George Heinrichs, History, Director of Facilities, Dean of Students

Ananya Rabeya, Mathematics & Computational Thinking, Registrar, Service Learning Coordinator

207-717-2857 Email

Kelsey van Dalfsen, Ph.D., Science, Admissions Coordinator