The Downtown School has four terms during the academic year, with each term’s schedule running from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Students’ daily class schedules change based on the term, and all schedules are designed to maximize opportunities for deep learning and connecting with teachers and other students.

Intensive 1: Sept. 3 – 20, 2019
Semester 1: Sept. 24, 2019 – Jan. 28, 2020
Semester 2: Jan. 30 – May 29, 2020
Intensive 2: June 2 – June 19, 2020

Intensive schedule
During intensives, students work for three weeks in grade-level groups on a variety of activities related to a yearly theme. The day involves both collaborative and individual work done on- and off-campus, and includes a break for lunch.

Semester schedule
During semesters, students’ daily schedules include three 75-minute class periods and 45-minute periods for community time and lunch. Long class periods allow time for in-depth projects, science labs, one-on-one meetings with teachers, and special activities, including using the city as a lab. Each class meets three times a week.


Community time includes large- and small-group activities and gatherings, including a weekly all-school assembly; regular grade-level meetings; advisory-group meetings of 10-12 students with an adult advisor; and clubs. Students can spend the afternoon lunch period on or off campus, bringing their own lunch or purchasing it nearby. Clubs may also meet during the lunch period.

Learn more about the intensives and semester courses on the academic overview webpage.